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The Windsock Takes Credit For Saving Detroit

Romney’s Auto Rescue Claims Don’t Hold Up | TPM2012.

““I’ve read, I think, everything Romney’s had to say on this subject, and the level of flip-flopping and dissembling is truly mind-boggling,” Steve Rattner, the “auto czar” who advised the White House on the auto rescue, told TPM. “He’s been on every side of the auto rescue at different times and said different things, so it’s hard to know what he honestly thinks.” “



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Damn. Sometimes I Sincerely Wish Sarah Had Made It To The Big Time.

Levi attempts to keep it in his pants.Breeze Beretta Johnston: Levi Johnston & Sunny Oglesby Announce Baby Name.

Levi Johnston’s second child will be a girl named Breeze Beretta, his pregnant girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, told Inside Edition in an interview to air Wednesday. Beretta is the name of an Italian firearms manufacturer, and Oglesby confirmed that the child will be named after a gun.


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